Success Stories


"My son is only 19 years of age and he started to go bald.  He phoned Anya up and she put him onto the hairloss formula of Helping Hands.  After a month usage, I could see a whole lot of hair which looks like fluff coming out and my son was in heaven. Now he is just continue using it, as it is working.  Thanks Anya and Helping Hands."

MS - Durban 


"I started to get severe gout in my late 40’s early 50’s and I tried everything on the market. Anya came to see me about 5 month’s ago and put me on a gout formula and eating program.The gout got worse and worse and worse and I was about to give up when Anya encourage me to continue, it will handle it. After 5 months of detoxifying my body, my gout totally disappeared which is such a relieve because I was in a lot of pain.

"Thanks to Anya and Helping Hands I can walk normally again."

JH – Bryanston 


"I went for 2 major eye operations 2 months ago and the doctor told me that it will take me 6 to 8 weeks to recover.  I was put onto the Power formula and the Calmag C and I recovered within 2 weeks.  My skin improved and I started to feel much more energetic and much more in present time.  Thanks to Anya, I am not wearing glasses anymore and my recovery on my eyesight was unbelievable."

CK – Bryanston 

Asthma Formula

"Since I was a child I had continual asthma attacks, and landed several times in hospital because I couldn't breath properly.

"I only have been on your vitamins for one month, and I do not battle to breath anymore and I am feeling much more energetic.

"Thanks to Anya for her continual support and help and to Helping Hands."

BM - Kensington


"I started taking Instant CalMag-C before my weekly squash game. My level of energy while playing has risen markedly since taking it and my opponents are beginning to ask me where I’m getting the extra zip from. I’m not about to tell them my secret."

TA. Business man, Auckland, New Zealand

Instant CalMag-C

“Instant CalMag-C became my lifeline in a time of severe anxiety and uncertainty about my future. During this period I started using Instant CalMag-C and can state without doubt that I probably would not have survived without it. The benefits, physically and mentally, were so amazing that I have become a sworn proponent of the product and have put a number of friends, family and employees on it, with consistently great success.

“I even have my 11 and 13-year-old children on it as well. The younger one is hyperactive at times, which can put additional strain on me. This has eased. Since we have had Instant CalMag-C in our household, my children come and ask me for it, and you couldn't ask for a more peaceful environment.

“My 13-year-old daughter has been promoting it's benefits to the girls in her netball team and I now get mothers calling me the night before matches to remind me to send some for their children too!”

Occupational Health Sister Alberton


“I’ve been taking a calmag product for the last few years, having been told it would help with the aches, pains and stiffness in my body. I still suffered but assumed that it would be worse without the calmag I was taking. A representative from Sunshine Products gave me a sachet of Instant CalMag-C to try. I liked it enough to purchase a bottle.

 “A month later he called to find out how I liked the product. I immediately ordered another 3 months’ supply.

 “I was so amazed by the results of Instant CalMag-C - the aches and stiffness were gone. I could move freely for the first time in many years. I never knew calmag was meant to have this effect!”

Mrs. M - Service Station owner, Tembisa


“At a recent conference at Sun City the Instant CalMag-C people gave me a glass of calmag when I was suffering from a severe hangover. Because it was so effective against the hangover I enquired if it would help with my 82 year-old mother’s pains in her legs. They said it would and I bought a hundred sachets for her.

 “Instant CalMag-C really works.”

Medical Aid Rep, Pretoria


 “Our patients’ teeth are sensitive after we fit their braces, for about three days and again after each adjustment. We don't believe that painkillers (drugs) have a place in our practice and neither do many of our patients, so we ask them to take Instant CalMag-C the night before their appointment and then again for 1 to 3 days afterwards. We’re very happy with the results and our patients, as a rule, report that they suffer very little discomfort.” 

Orthodontist, Pretoria


 “I suffer from depression and I must say that Instant CalMag-C has made a big difference in my life. Thumbs up to the guy who invented this product.” 

AS - Germiston


 “If I don't take Instant CalMag-C, my nails crumble, split and tear and I know that my bones are doing the same. Instant CalMag-C fixes this. I take it twice daily like clockwork. My nails heal and I know a lot of other stuff is healing too. I can't be without it.”

AF - Illovo


“Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints, but taking supplementation helps immensely. I religiously take Instant CalMag-C as this is also important for muscle function. I very very seldom become ill. This in itself says a great deal as athletes often suffer from ailments due to stress they place on their bodies.” 

MTN Gladiator participant and fitness instructor, Bruma 

“I take Instant CalMag-C at night and sleep like a baby. I also have no pre-menstrual tension and related body pains. NO back pain and no swelling hands and feet.”

Systems analyst, Woodmead 

“You know, that Instant CalMag-C of yours is magic! I hadn't been taking it for a while but then I was getting very tired on my walks so I took one dose this morning and easily walked a long distance about three miles.”

B.N. - London, England


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